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21 July 2014

I choose to live in the sky, 07/21/14

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I choose to live in the sky, 07/21/14

20 July 2014

One thing I need to remember is that I cannot make someone love me. Nothing is worse than trying to love someone that will never love you.

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18 July 2014
“Most days I wish I never met you.”

— Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 20

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14 July 2014

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I have found a new home, 07/14/14

12 July 2014
“I pray that you remember me
as the woman that would always
love like it would never fail her.”

— Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 19

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11 July 2014

These dreams are suffocating me.
I am in your car and in your room
and I am alone. It is silent and dark
and I feel your presence yet I cannot
feel you. I fear that you are gone and
I fear that you are near. I stand in the
silence and absorb the loneliness and
when I wake from these delusions I feel
the same heaviness as every other day.
I admit that I still ache for you and I am
still hoping that we can come back to
each other. I am still waiting for you.

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11 July 2014

I should have fought harder for you. 
I never meant to hurt you. 

I always meant to give you all of me, 
and I am sorry that instead 
you were left with pieces.

I miss you so much it makes me sick. 
I can physically feel myself aching 
without you.

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09 July 2014
“You would be
a fool to believe
that anyone could
love you like I used to.”

— Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 18

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08 July 2014

I am still waiting patiently
for you to tell me that it is alright
and it is time that I come home.
But instead of parting your lips
and easing my fears, you allow
the silence to devour me whole
while you continue to tell the story
of how I left you to fight alone.

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07 July 2014

I write to you every day;
my shelves are covered
in letters that I never sent.

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30 June 2014
“I hate what you make me feel,
but I will never hate you.”

— Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 17

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28 June 2014

This place is a dream, 06/28/14

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This place is a dream, 06/28/14

28 June 2014
“If you really loved me,
you never would have
wanted me to become
someone other than
who I already was.”

— Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 16

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27 June 2014
     I hope you find someone
          that makes you love life
        more because of them,

            and I hope you never
    have to learn to live again
          after your time with them. 

     I hope you never feel
         the same loss that I felt
               when I lost you.

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27 June 2014

I just want to hear you say that you’re sorry. 

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